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Taher Jaoui Biography

Taher Jaoui was born in Tunis, in 1978 and graduated from the Sorbonne University in Paris in 2007. Jaoui studied sciences before taking the plunge into his artistic career in 2013, initially making collages from old photographs. His works are part of many private and public collections in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and United States. He currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Influenced by Graffiti Art, Street Art, African Art, cartoons, and the philosophy and attitude of Abstract Expressionism, the artist produces his work following a creative process based upon his intuition and unconscious. Taher Jaoui’s Neo-expressionist canvasses are the culmination of a historically grounded referential cacophony. His influences range from Graffiti and Street Art to African Tribal Art, cartoons, and the legacy of Abstract Expressionism. Taher Jaoui's paintings are rich assemblages of layered forms, vibrant colors, expressive gestures, and mathematics signs.

Through a series of spontaneous movements, directly inspired by the way canvas responds to layers of paint and gestures applied to it, Jaoui compares his work to a dance routine with a familiar partner. Layering pastels, oils, and acrylics, the artist accents the richness of his work by constructing a raw texture that directly captures the physical energy put into each painting.





2007     Paris-Sorbonne University



​2023     Galerie Saltiel, Aix-en-Provence, France

            All About Art, Singapore

            Contemporary by U, Taipei, Taiwan

2022     freeze.art , Shanghai, China

            Galerie Saltiel, Paris

            LT Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

            Maune Contemporary, Atalanta

            Corridor Contemporary, Philadelphia

            Jason shin Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2021     Space 776 + Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, USA

2020     Srisasanti Syndicate, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

            81 Leonard Gallery + Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, USA

2019     Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany 

            Graham Modern, and Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

            Jinsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018    Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia

2023    Method of expression, Ez Gallery, Shanghai, China

           Wood you be Happy, Firetti contemporary, Dubai, UAE

           Crossing, Lorin Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2022    More than Color, freeze.art, Shanghai, China

            Doodling the space, Granada Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021    Blue. Red. Deep. Square, Corridor Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel

           Love Always Wins, Maune Contemporary, Atalanta, USA

2020    Duo Show with Mikhailo Dayak, Mandarin Maison, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019    Duo Show with George Morton Clark, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China

            An Atlantic Bridge BERLIN - USA, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany

            Impossible Until it is Done, Opera Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

            Dystopia, Banzy Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

            Works on paper III, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany

2018     Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, USA

            Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2017     Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany

            CoGalleries, Berlin, Germany

            Enter Art Foundation. Berlin, Germany


2022    Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA

           Moderne Art Fair, Paris, France

           Art Jakarta, August 2022

2021    Art Central HK

           Art Busan

2020    CONTEXT Miami art Fair, USA

           Art Jakarta, Indonesia

           KIAF Seoul, Korea

           Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2019    CONTEXT Miami art Fair, USA

            Budapest art Fair, Budapest, Hungary

            Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

            Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

            Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

            Busan Art Fair, Busan, South Korea

            Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

            Architectural Digest Show, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, USA

2018     CONTEXT Miami art Fair, USA

2017     EMERGEAST Auction IV, Dubai, UAE


Dubai Collection dubaicollection.ae/en/artist/taher-jaoui

Salomon Collection salomonarts.com/private-collection

Huemer Collection

Vader Collection

Krieger Collection krieger-collection.com

Enter Art Foundation Berlin enterart.com