Peter Reginato

Peter Reginato News: New York Centric at the Art Students League, March  5, 2019

New York Centric at the Art Students League

March 5, 2019

March 5 - May 14, 2019. Curated by James Little. New York Centric Catalogue

View works by Sponder Gallery artists including Stanley Boxer, Dan Christensen, Gabriele Evertz, James Austin Murray and Peter Reginato.

Foreword by KAREN WILKIN, New York, 2019

“Too much is expected of Art, that it mean all kinds of things and is the solution to questions no one can answer. Art is much simpler than that. Its pretentions more modest. Art is a sign, an insignia to celebrate the faculty for invention.” Stuart Davis wrote this in 1956, but it seems newly relevant today. Over the past three decades, art has been increasingly required to “mean all kinds of things” and to offer solutions to “questions no one can answer,” often at the expense of any other considerations. Today, in many prestigious art schools, students who wish to be taken seriously (and, sometimes, receive acceptable grades) are urged to make work that addresses such daunting issues as political unrest, climate change, civil rights, gender equality, animal welfare, poverty, and all the rest of it....

Peter Reginato News: Peter Reginato: Eccentric Constructions at the Museum of Art, Deland FL, February 27, 2015

Peter Reginato: Eccentric Constructions at the Museum of Art, Deland FL

February 27, 2015

April 17 - July 5, 2015 | The Museum of Art, Deland FL

The works of American abstract sculptor and painter Peter Reginato (b. 1945) in the exhibition Eccentric Constructions are composed primarily of painted conceptual shapes fabricated from welded steel. They often are connected with bent steel rods demonstrating an unmistakable playfulness to Reginato’s work.